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Why close old topics so soon in the forum?

Why does this forum automatically close old threads after only 60 days?

A number of times I have accessed older threads, and can’t interact with the topic as they can’t receive new replies?

Is it possible to reconsider this.


Maybe wf could add an extra button on closed topics like “i wan’t to open this topic” so we get notification and open it for you ?
Anyway you can pm me if you want to open a topic, i would be happy to help


That’s an interesting idea!

I was just thinking that if a topic hasn’t been resolved either with a solution or with a feature update, that it would make sense to be able to continue discussing the topic without starting a redundant thread.

Food for thought – pleased that this community is in place generally. :slight_smile:


@jimmychur Yep i understand and i feel the same.
@anais is working on the future of the forum right now, maybe she will be interested reading this.
Have a nice day,

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Yep - good points @zbrah @jimmychur

If there was some way of marking:

  • Resolved
  • Unresolved
  • Discussion only (ie not requiring a solution)

That would be really good too.


@jimmychur @zbrah i agree… as a newbie the deadend topics can be a bummer when trying to learn more… lotta chasing dead topics.

i also have a question … do they close automatically? and if so why is there an account next to the closed topic?.. it leaves one to believe that account closed the topic.


fyi… i chose a topic with wf account depicted… plenty with just members

Hey @ROOSTER @jimmychur , it seems the limit has been deleted by super @Waldo a few days ago.
If someone closed the topic, just click on his nickname and send him a private message to make it open again.
Like so


@zbrah so anybody can close a topic?

hypothetically speaking…

what if a large portion of them are closed by one person… whos not a staff member… but to new comers seems like one do to the fact that they are present in the footer so often… and what if that person states they dont accept personal messages but instead directs you to their personal website? bit misleading to say the least no? wouldnt @webflow filling that role make more sense?

seems odd to be contacting smbdy through a personal website to open an old thread your interested in learning more about or have a continuing issue with?

all that said… ill say @webflow thank you cuz you provide great customer service on top of an awesome product!

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@ROOSTER, Not everybody, just mods and staff from what i know.
Just pm me then, i ll re open it for you free of charge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Have a nice day :wink:

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thanks my man! you as well! :handshake:

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