Any Body selling web design services on Fiverr?

Hi Friends, i miss this forum a lot and all the wonderful people here.
Anyone here selling website design services on fiverr?
I was hoping if i could find one person so we can have a dialog.

There have been a few posts about this already. I think most people in this community feel that by using Fiverr you’re drastically undervaluing your work, and undercutting others in the market. If the money’s worth it to you then great, but for the amount of work that most of us put in, it’s not worth even the time to post the gig. Just something to think about.


your post made much sense to me, why did you delete it?

I thought I was a bit harsh of me actually. :no_mouth: A better way to word it, would be…

If you’re using Webflow, chances are you’re an above average designer… don’t sell yourself short on Fiverr.

That’s better! :smiley:

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I’ll reiterate a bit what as already said. Selling web design services on Fiverr for $5 is fine if you plan on spending little time on the client’s project. As a “professional” level designer $5 for a website makes zero sense and those offering it are likely re-using a canned template and just plopping in a few pieces of content IE pictures, text, YouTube embed codes, etc. so that they can turn the sites out as fast as possible. I don’t use templates but design each website specifically for my clients’ needs considering their target market among other business criteria which must be considered in the planning stages of a professional website’s design and development.

Personally I would not do any professional “work” for $5. I dont care if there are 1000 people wanting it, it’s just not worth the ROI.

But hey that’s just me. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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