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Looking for a wordpress developer

Before I launch into this, is requesting paid assistance against the TOS?

Actually it would be awesome if Webflow could also connect its users so they could work with each other…

I agree!

So on that note, I’m looking for a wordpress developer to help out on a couple of projects. I’m posting here because it’d be great if the developer also has webflow experience.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for an experienced developer, drop your skype in here if you want to connect.

@grandtheftpixel, we’ve been getting more and more people asking us to match them with Webflow experts, so we’re thinking of adding a ‘Freelance’ category to this forum as a short term solution. It’s definitely not against the TOS to ask for paid assistance, though we would want to avoid the reverse - repeated posts offering paid assistance, which can come across kind of spammy.

@callmevlad I think that would be nice if in that Freelance category users can only post their ability of assistance with all the contact informations and current projects. Other users can only post to ask for help or say good/bad things about working with that developer. That way we can see the overall help of the user and decide whether to ask him/her for help or look for someone else.

Only freelancer could create a thread with his info (some template for new thread would be awesome), current projects and refferences etc.

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I am professional developer and designer. Please shoot me an email with requirements. I am sending you my contact info by PM.


Please use private messages if you are giving your contact infos :slight_smile:

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kashif AT

Is this a private message ? I can’t see how to send one…doh!

Click on profile icon of user you want to send a PM to and under the picture you will find “Private Message”

Hi Bartek. I don’t see any links for “private message”. This is what I see :smile:

Hi, I too tried to find this, but I cannot find any pm function either… is there a secret trick :smile_cat:

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contact us on if you want to outsource the wordpress projects . We are a group of developers having years of experience on wordpress projects .
Feel free to contact us . You can mail me at
Skype Id: snehangshu_roy

@desiGndoMiNatio - You can do it from this screen also.

Click on the picture or the name of the person and you will see a private message button