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Hire me button - Discover section

Am I missing something or did the “Hire me” button just vanished from the Discovery section?
On the Designers tab, the “for hire” tab has also disappeared.

Where did these go?


Seems like lots of things are vanishing without explanation.

When this kind of things happen, usually there is a new feature to be launched next :slight_smile:
Someone must be very busy, testing out and correcting bugs.

I hope Webflow restores the “hire” section. Speaking for myself, it is important… I get some contacts through there.

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We removed it in favor of a new “Webflow Experts” section that’s coming out soon. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Aha! I knew that something was coming @PixelGeek :smiley:
Hopefully it won’t take long and will be even better! :wink:


We’ve brought back the Hire Me button for now. We’ll remove it once we have the new Experts page up. Sorry about the confusion!

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Thanks @thesergie :slight_smile:

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