How is the designer meant to be used for big complex projects?

The more I use Webflow the more I think I’m using it wrong. I use it since 2013.

I tried repeatedly to use it to prototype complex shop/booking websites that include full user journeys, from first visit to final purchase / trip management. These prototypes get testet in user interviews in a lab, then updated based on feedback.

I read these forums a lot, it seems to me that my problems are not common since there is very little talk about them. That leads me to believe that I don’t use Webflow how it’s meant to be used.

@vlad @cyberdave @pixelgeek @thesergie I would be very grateful if you could explain your intended way to use Webflow.

In the recent video from the YouTube channel Devtips Vlad said that web designers should think more in components:
However Webflow right now only allows components one level deep. That means I have to create a custom input component multiple times: default, active, loading, error, warning…

My major pain points are:

  • no nesting of components, I can’t set up a pattern library in the atomic design methodology
  • no class management, I have to search for the actual object in the layout, across all my pages
  • no copy/pasting of class settings, I have to recreate every single class from scratch if there are only small differences
  • combo classes do not nest as they do in css, they are bound to it’s parent (partially affecting multiple element configurations is not possible)
  • responsive styling of combo classes up the chain is not possible yet, you can only select the last class in the stack when working in other breakpoints then desktop

Does anyone else have these problems or is my approach just wrong?

Thanks for reading

The most complex site I have designed in Webflow is


Awesome site!
What was your workflow like? Which workarounds did you use?

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If you refer to my webflow profile, you will be able to preview my projects.