Webflow is simply not fit for purpose

I have submitted so many bug reports to Webflow over the last few months. There are so many problems with the Webflow Designer. This product is truly the most infuriating platform I have ever used.

Bugs happen, I get it, I am a software engineer myself. But the problem with Webflow runs far deeper. You can’t hide the true source of the problem from other software engineers. There is clearly a tremedous level of tech debt within the Webflow platform and likely poor internal discipline within the organization.

Why did I use Webflow then, despite being a software engineer? I did not want to go through the hassle of building the site myself, thinking using Webflow would be more convenient for this particular project.

Doing the most basic things in Webflow is convoluted, the designer is extremely slow and buggy, and customer support is consistently unhelpful and slow to respond.

What’s even more insulting is the impending price hike for existing customers. They want to increase subscription fees at a time when their platform is, in my view, simply not fit for purpose.

Their marketing team know how to sell a polished turd. The product is so unacceptably poor and leaves too much to be desired.

The final nail hit the coffin today when I came across more usability issues with the Webflow Designer. I have cancelled my subscription, and now a site has to be closed down. I’m not prepared to expend more time and energy trying to migrate it elsewhere. I bet Webflow couldn’t care less about that. What a joke this company is, but I suppose the bigger joke is on me for using this diabolical company in the first place.

My advice to everyone: stay away from Webflow. If you are thinking of subscribing, don’t. If you have only just started using Webflow, stop now and find an alternative. If you are thinking of leaving Webflow, find a way to do so.

Wow. That was a mouthful. Webflow has been very good for me. Although not a perfect platform and not ideal for everyone, it’s better than any other for at least my use case. I tried 6 of them. And yes, there is a lot Webflow can’t do. As an engineer, you should know the complexities of such a platform and all the other technologies that could potentially break it, especially with the rapid changes ecosystem. I like that they try to keep the bugs out rather than rushing features. And yes, Webflow still has bugs, but they are dedicated to eradicating them.

Tech support has been super fast unless things have changed recently. I’m no engineer, and that’s why I love Webflow. Just by using Webflow, I was able to complete my knowledge of HTML and CSS. And as a bonus by association, Javascript… limitedly.

‘Complexity’ is the mother of all excuses. A lack of discipline is likely to render a more accurate assessment of the problem. Do you understand what this means? Software engineering is an art, and it requires strong discipline to do right.

Nothing to see here. Just another Webflow bug, among the many others.

Agreed, I saw the ad and got interested in webflow and bought the package directly. At first I was really excited to see a lot of the features they were touting, but after about a month of research I started to see that the service had too many features that were anachronistic (although it may have been in many years The former is amazing), it can’t even customize the style of the component, but can only change the text part of it. To be honest, this is not even comparable to the previous Dreamweaver.

Moreover, many CSS3 tag attributes have not been filed, so you can only mix Custom Code in the page infinitely. I can only say that it can effectively solve the current difficulties, but for the overall construction of the website, these functions are undoubtedly a devastating disaster. I need to make a simple drop-down menu button, but the tutorial given by webflow is to do it through simple CSS Animation, which really shocked me.

Many of the above are the pains I have experienced in 1 month, and this is just what I have experienced in making an ordinary static page. It is hard to imagine what kind of troubles will be encountered with the increase of dynamic pages and CMS functions…