Image Galleries on Webflow Blog Posts

I like how my current photo gallery pages have the ability to click between pictures (Muse).

But if I’m understanding a friend correctly, there is no way to put a photo slider or interactive gallery on a Webflow blog / post page (I’m still in the Webflow learning stage).

I’m now assuming that each blog post page has to have the 20 – 50 pics as stand-alone pics / images. Is this correct?

What about something like this - Forum Post. Could a photo slider like this (something like this) be added to each Webflow blog post?

Is there any good examples of Made in Webflow blog / post pages that have a photo gallery or slider on them?

Thank you and sorry for the rookie questions! I’m just trying to decide which theme to purchase so we can get started - and have a few last minute questions…

Hello @FSUAlum98,

You can add Lightbox to a CMS collection. If you want to see an example, is suggest you watch this tutorial I hope that video helps. Take care.

There is no short way (To set or manage for you and especially for the clients/editors). Not matter what solution you choose their is no “multi-file-field” (So also by custom code gallery its hard to manage).

For now try this (In my opnion all solutions are “bad”):

I hope webflow will add this feature soon (Since jan 2017 ==>Top wishlist topic by votes).