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Can I add another element to a collection - Want ability to add/nest images in body copy


Using the FlyCMS template. There is a Collection called portfolio which is a stnd page layout with a large image at the top, and full rich text box and nothing else.
With such dynamic content, am I able to add images within the text?
I see ‘Structure for each Portfolio’ with the breakdown of the ‘components’ used to build out the page… and I see a button called Add New Field. Is that how I can add new section containers with 2 columns where I can have some basic text and include images - do I need to Add a New Field?

Thank you!

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First, you can add many things inside a reach text field, and also apply some layout options. Like this:

(when you press Enter to get a new line in the rich text field, you get this icon, click it and you have embed options)

Now, you can also add content by adding things to the collection properties. Add field button is indeed the way to go. You can add images fields, and text fields.

Then on your template page, add a container, add a row elements for your columns, add an image where it should be and a text paragraph were is should be. then select the image and link it to the collection item you’ve added in the settings tab (should be abvious). Same for the text.

That describes the basic way to use the CMS, indeed.


I am using Portfolios via the FlyCMS template. I think I just need to add a new field type that would accommodate the extra 2 column sections where text and image can be side by side.

And then all web (landing) pages that make up the Portfolio Collection overall would follow that structure.
Is that right?

Thank you.

If you mean every post is shown with the layout built in the template page, the answer’s yes.

That sounds great. And from there I just change out the content per page once inside an individual portfolio? - If so, then this is great! But I suppose I need to be mindful that the repetitive content is definitely needed on each & every page without exception.

See, what you are calling posts are my actual landing pages for each different product.

No, the content of the CMS pages is only made of the datas from the database and the generic elements of the page (the one that repeat identically for every page). Within the designer, you never “edit” a CMS page. You only edit the template, but Webflow allows you to do that when viewing the content of any post. It’s just a simulation. Any specific content you’ll add at this level and not link with the collection will be repeated exactly in every post page.

So if you’re making portfolios projects post, you have to add the content through the database, so you have to define the number of images, videos etc you need, if you don’t want to add those medias in a Rich Text Block. Rich text allows to add specific content to posts without the need to feed them in the database as collection elements. (it ends up in the database as rich text content).

Sorry if it’s a bit confusing, tell me if you think you got everything :slight_smile:

OK, it is beginning to make sense. Yes, as I suspected the dynamic “collection” properties found in the Dynamic Data Manager for Portfolio (overall) is where I can add the fields for what graphical element containers or widgets I expect to appear on all Portfolio pages. And then, I customize those items with unique photos & text when in an actual portfolio landing page - - which are not actual pages but Dynamically managed in the Dynamic Data Manager.

Does that sound right now! (I suspect it is!) :blush:

Completely, you passed the post :slight_smile:

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