Allow Editors to add Images/Video/Etc

Is there any easy way to allow editors to add content such as images/videos/etc aside from having a database/collection field for it?

I am creating a “Wiki” style page on our website, it will have a table of contents at the top followed by collections below it (all on one page). Each collection will be a section of the wiki.

So for instance I will have “Combat” “Magic” etc sections.
I will have your standard fields, like name, description, rich text box, etc.

The issue is where most of the content goes in the rich text area, they may sometimes want to add images to that area…is that possible?

The only solution I could think of was to include fields for images, videos, etc and then just leave them as non required. Is that the only way?

Has anyone else created a wiki style CMS in Webflow? I could not find any.

The rich text field can handle photos and videos whether on a static page or dynamic CMS collection page. If you want a higher level of control of the design for the media then you’ll need to utilize the video or image elements or CMS fields. For the highest level of control, use HTML embeds.

But without seeing your project, I think that RT is probably the way to go.

Adding images, videos and rich media

When your text cursor is on a new line, a plus button appears. Clicking this button will show options to add images, videos, and other rich media. All media elements in the RTE are responsive and will respect the aspect ratio of the content. Here are all the supported rich media types:

Imgur albums
Google maps
And others…

I was just testing exactly that. I will look into it a little more.

The users probably won’t be able to do HTML, so I was trying to simplify it. Thanks! I will check it out more.