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File formats and the ability to save pre-styled content or copy/paste from other designs

Love Webflow but there are some things I wish they would do to make it a proper tool and not another online app with the limitations that come with that sort of thing. I’d love to see webflow have a proper file format for content. I want to have a copy of my projects, share, sell them, etc. I’d also like the ability to save pre-styled elements and not as a symbol. Something I can save out and hand off to another users or have pro’s offer styled CMS collections, etc. It would save SO MUCH TIME. This could be an addition to your excellently curated Template market. beautiful designs in there.

Or at least the ability to copy/paste from one design to another. The rigid, restrictive nature of our projects on here is troubling. I want Webflow to work like a desktop app. It’s better than an Adobe product but I would like it to feel like one.

Now that you have payments tied to everything else can we just have Webflow as a tool with a standard monthly fee like Adobe Muse? with unlimited projects and a proper file format. ‘’ sounds really nice. Then just pay for the extras like CMS, hosting, Users, branding? I’m sure you’ll find more things to price out later.

Any word if this is something you guys would consider?

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