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Font not loading

Just completed a new site and when I exported out the code and uploaded it, the fonts are not loading properly. They are defaulting to helvetica instead of ubuntu that I had specified. For reference here is the webflow site and here is the uploaded site:

Any ideas? Thanks!

I see the fonts OK

@vincent You’re seeing the correct fonts on this site?
Still loading helvetica to me. Perhaps a mac issue on my side.

On my mac as well it is indeed displaying helvetica on both Chrome & Safari on Yosemite :confused:

Seems like an odd export bug… beautiful site by the way :smiley:

Thanks @jaidenraleach !

I think at this point I’m going to upload a custom font and see if that works out.

You bet! Sounds like a good plan, hope it works!

I had a similar problem with a Google font I was using: Source Sans Pro. It was uploading as gibberish ( weird symbols) so added the same font as a custom font and it worked fine. However, after a couple of days, I switched back to the original, non custom upload Source Sans Pro and it’s been working fine ever since. Have no idea why this happened.