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Google Font (Oswald) not displaying outside Webflow


I created a site that uses Oswald font.

The webflow site works fine, but when I export the code and upload it to my host (mediatemple) the font doesn’t display, it falls back to “sans-serif”.

Webflow url -

External host url -

I’m using the Magnetic template as a base, which uses Roboto Condensed.

One thing I noticed is that the HTML file doesn’t include the script for the Oswald font, only the Roboto font originaly used by the template -

(I know I can manually fix that, but I thought it was important to know if this is a bug or just regular behaviour).

My public project link is:

Thanks in advance for any help!


I had the same problem today. My page, when hosted on WebFlow, used the correct fonts, but the exported page didn’t.

When I checked the original source vs. the exported source, I saw that the font script was different. So, I planned to manually update the exported HTML.

Then I also noticed that I had several fonts listed on the “Fonts” tab in the Dashboard that I wasn’t using. So I deleted all those. And then, the next time I exported the site, the font script was correct – it didn’t include anything unnecessary, and it did include the fonts that were used.

Just in case that helps figure out what’s going on.


Hi, this bug is being looked into. As a workaround, if you will be exporting your page, and you want the fonts from the designer to show up in the export, add the following code to your HEAD section of your site. This is a temporary workaround until the bug is fixed.

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

In the code above, replace Oswald with the name of the google font from the designer, that you wish to use with the exported site.


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Hi guys,

Yeah, exported my code earlier this morning to an external server (Digital Ocean) and the LATO font (my entire site) didn’t display. Replaced it with ROBOTO which worked.

Having the same problem with custom fonts. All was well until I exported, and now they no longer show up in the design area or the exported code.


I’ve not had any problems with Google fonts and webflow until yesterday. I’ve been using Oswald font on a project and it was previously working fine for me for months. However, yesterday it stopped displaying properly for me in the webflow designer. I’ve not tried to export it yet to check it on that end.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Update: The Oswald font doesn’t display properly when I publish the site through webflow either. It appears as bold and it should be Thin in my design.

Update: My issue is solved. I’ll put this here in case anyone else has any Google font display issues like I did.

First, I created the site in webflow using the Oswald font
Then the client wanted some print design work completed. Since I didn’t have the Oswald font on my local machine, I downloaded it from FontSquirrel and installed it.
After I did that, the Oswald font stopped displaying correctly on site in webflow.
The problem was somehow related to the installation of the Oswald font locally. Chrome first looked in Windows-> Fonts and grabbed it from there, it seems. After I uninstalled it from my local machine, everything was back to normal.

Hi @Ant, sorry for the late reply. Thats a great find. Thank you for sharing that info. It is very good to know.

Cheers, Dave

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