Folder structure in collection templates

So basically what the topic says. I’m about to change my company website, currently in Wordpress, to Webflow. Its built up with folder structure. And at the moment I can’t use folders with templates. I’ve got a work around tip from Dave, using static folders, static pages with dynamic lists and use filters, but it’s workaround. It’s more straight forward to use the templates and lists as they are intended to use, easier to maintain as well. But folder structure could be a great way to structure content and get nice url’s.


+1 I would also find this useful

Oh those folders …waiting…. With folder structure for templates you actually easily build a multilingual sites pretty easy. Or if the team is coming up with better way :grinning:

I NEED THIS! I think I’m in a situation where I have to manually recreate a collection template for a multilingual site, which will take me another 2 days work :confused:

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Absolutely needed for me! Not only for multi-language it would me nice, but super workeble for SEO and it would save tons of time.

The perfect solution would be to have more than 2 folders deep in pages and adding a folder or page before/in-between/or-at-the end of a page of collection. (this does cracking my brains, so i am sure you guys at webflow are having a better plan! :wink:

This is abolutely in my top 5 Wishlist.

Any update on this? I would love to see this feature!

This is a highly required feature for building well structured URLs. Please add this to your roadmap! :kissing_heart:

Any update on this? I need this for every single page with CMS. Please make it happen :slight_smile:

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