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CMS collections template pages folders

I’m starting a multi-language site and had an issue with the hidden CMS collection tabs In content editor mode [Hidden CMS collection tabs In content editor mode]

So, today it hit me! How about organizing dynamic templates in folders for example en for English, fr for French etc… Then, I thought what if the names of these folders become the dropdown menus in the CMS? then I thought, that would be awesome. My content editor will be able to update collections in her language, I will update mine without getting lost around.

Then, I thought we can even name the folders as example Blog for blog categories and blog types, authors and another for example Recipes which will include collections such as Recipes, Ingredients, techniques… that way the copywriter will update the blog stuff easily while the cook writes the recipe stuff… I think that will also solve in a way the hidden tabs in the CMS. :smile:

How about that @thesergie

Also for multi-langauge sites the urls will be more logical :wink:

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I could’t agree more. I would love to create folders to organize my CMS. As it stands, I have a long list that’s difficult to navigate.

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