Multi-language Site

Hi there!

It would be awesome to get a fully multilanguage site. I’ve read some topics on webflow forum but none satisfied me completely.
So far I’ve learned, the best way to get a multilanguage site is to have a few sites on your webflow account, even if it is the same project but you only want another language version.

I really would like to have an option to redirect specific folder to another domain. Like if you had a site built and hosted in webflow but the subfolder of it would be directed to etc.

To get a fully multilanguage site it would be nice to have an option to create a number of 404 pages. Now I can only have one 404 page and it’s not enough beacause if the user changes the language of my site, the 404 page is still in default language.

So as a summary:
I’d like to have an option for:

  1. Redirecting specific folders to different domains
  2. Creating as much as i want 404 pages

It would realy make lot of people happier :smile:



I am still waiting for this as well. Wordpress has a very easy and nice GUI built in the page editor. When can we expect something that awesome in webflow?


Webflow has finally integrated e-commerce. Now this Multi-language sites is my number one required feature. I am really hoping they are thinking on adding this!

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A multi-language option for our personal sites would be great although would be difficult because fonts that don’t support Latin are not quite popular. Such examples include cyrillic. It is very hard for me to find a cyrillic font that looks good, they all look the same. If the font in Latin is then switched over to cyrillic it will look like basic text and the beautiful font won’t look good because it will be in default mode unless the specific font you chose supports both Latin and Cyrillic. Cyrillic can also be compared with other non-latin letters. Just a thought. Tell me what you think…

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Here seems a good approach until proper multi lang support is available:

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I used multiple languages (workaround) in this website check it out:

It’s not perfect but it works. Hope it helps for now.

Thanks for sharing – looks great!