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First Website with Webflow

Last night I finished my first website created in Webflow. Actually it is a revision of my first site (thank you Mordi Levi and Pixelgeek for giving me feedback a few weeks ago). I still need to fix issues with the mobile layouts but I am now asking for feedback on the computer version. You can view it here:

Thanks for your help.


Nice work @stuzz The site is very clean.

Just one tip, try to reduce the image size, the one you have with the couple. The image has 484 kb -> 2560px 1385px.
It´s way to big, try to reduce to 1500px and save it on photoshop with 70% quality and you will get 177 kb. On mobile it´s a huge different.

Well, i will do it for you lol
Right click on the image below and “save image” :smiley:

Hi Rui,

Thank you for your feedback. Also, thanks for modifying the image for me, nice for you to do that. So, this shows my ignorance with image sizes and how they work online. I intentionally made the image 2560px because I thought that in order for it to display (fully) on a 27" monitor that it needed to be that big. If I use the smaller pic that you provided will it still fill the whole browser window on a large screen without becoming low resolution? Thanks for your help with this.

Don´t worry with that, you will learn small things everyday. Like my grandfather used to say :wink:

“One day at a time”

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@stuzz Wow! that’s an awesome site for your first time using Webflow. You must have a strong design background. Keep it up!

@Rui_Almeida Thanks for helping out with that image! :smile:

BEAUTIFUL!!! Telling a story FIRST, before selling your service. Great job!

For your first line of copy, how about something like “DESIGNING EXPERIENCES TO

In this day of web, we aren’t making websites. We are making virtual rooms that people go in to experience something.

Also, you don’t want visitors. You want USERS. Visitors sounds like “ok, i’m here once and i’m not coming back for a while.” Like a tourist. A USER is someone who comes back often to “USE” the thing you’re making.

But overall, nice, clean and beautiful work! =D

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@thewonglv Thank you for the compliment. I have been designing stuff for years. Mostly for our Thai massage business which is the first sample website on my portfolio site (Thai Tranquility). That site was designed with Adobe Muse and I will redesign it with Webflow. I also designed a few sites with Freeway. I am GLAD to be using Webflow because I was desperately wanting to build responsive websites with a simple program. It is a bit of a struggle but I am learning some.

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PixelGeek, thanks again for your input and compliments. I will certainly consider your suggestion about the first line of copy. I definitely see your point with “visitors and users” and fully agree. Excellent point! Thanks again.

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Hi @stuzz
This really good! a lot better than the last revision, a good color scheme, the hero image is great.
I agree with @PixelGeek about the header and would like to add that you normally should avoid “I” in headlines,
it is better to try and make people feel that you built the website for them, and it’s here to serve them instead of representing you as a designer.

You have a rare gift that not a lot a people have and thats taking criticism and turning it to improvement.
Well done!

Hi @stuzz, as someone in a similar position offering a similar service, I think the cleanliness and simplicity (both in content and visual perspective) of your website is great.

I also like the ‘laid back’ nature of the content, “first contacts can be awkward” - it speaks some truths ha.

One very picky thing, from an interest in accessibility, could be the contrast between the fill colour and the input boxes (even just the border) in your contact area.

Otherwise, great work!

Hi @Mordi_Levi,
Thanks again for your feedback and compliments. I have edited my copy with hopes of improvement. I am not so great with writing. I know that written communication, like visual communication, requires lots of revising, subtracting, refining, etc.

All the Best.

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Hello @domin8tor,
Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. Actually, I had the setting for my form fields set at a darker color than the background the form is on and was troubled that when I viewed it online it did not show. After reading your post I tried to figure out why it was not working and I was able to fix it. Before the fix I had the form fields set at as percentage of black. I changed this and made the fields a darker shade of the blue-green color and it now shows. Thanks again.

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