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First Website (used Incredible template)

This is my firs website after having gone through a few tutorials and playing around with webflow a little. I used the “Incredible” template because it looked simple and I wanted to see how involved it would be make a one page site.

Its at

I made this for my photography business, though I am mostly phasing it out over the next year to hopefully do just making websites (if I get good enough at it).

I think I could fine tune this site, but I would be interested in feedback about the following:

The overall look and feel.
Why when images are enlarged and then closed the page jerks a little.
Whether this work is good enough to have charged a client, and an idea of what could be charged for something simple like this.


Hey @vernon! I think you’re off to a great start, but here are some things you might consider changing…

  1. the fixed nav on the left is interesting, but I think it competes with hero image you selected. I would suggest having a standard top-nav (possibly transparent), and animating your hero text just slightly on page load, which is really easy to do.

  2. Your choice of fonts on the hero section seems off… the rest of the page looks spot-on! The current font seems kind of heavy to me…

  3. The text in your aircraft columns seem lopsided… consider using a cards ux there… here is a link to Webflow tutorial to get you started:

  4. The text in the footer probably needs to be centered and bolder. You might have to add a gradient over that picture to achieve that look

  5. Remember to change your favicon in your site settings!

Hope this helps! Keep up the good work!