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First Webflow Website

Hello Webflow family

I wanted to get feedback on my first site. I been with webflow for about 3 months and I finally finished my first site… I would love you guys feedback, suggestion and comments.

Thanks in Advance


Great job with the interactions! :smiley:

I would suggest having your logo somewhere on the homepage.


Wow. Great work Stefen. :smiley:

A suggestion, If you bring out contact page in “our work” page. It will be easier for clients to reach out, if they wish to work with you.

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Hello stefen,

your site looking dynamic and user functionality is very great but i will suggest to you logo is not looking somewhere on page, If you want to check site For Ex
add a logo,

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a great job. congrats. I liked it. Very functional and intuitive. Agree with the contacts placement and with logo

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Nice Work but it has some issues.

its showing horizontal and vertical scrollbars and return btn not working in firefox

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Thank you Nelson for the feedback. I will get that logo on there. For SEO purposes, Should I use text or an image when I place my logo on my home page.

Thank you Miya for the feedback.

Thank you Daniel_Dixon for the feedback. I want to make the site as user friendly as possible.

dr3772 Thanks for your feedback.

I will look into why the return link is not working on firefox.
Any suggestion on how to fix this problem.

Thanks for your time.

I would hide overflow of the main container Div that holds all of your divs.

Hey Webflow family,

I want to thank everyone that checked out my first business website design. I really appreciate all of you for the support. I launch the site yesterday, as I was looking at the site with multiple devices I noticed that on my android phone my site was a little out of wack. The landing page doesn’t take over the whole viewport like it does on the desktop and tablet. I have it set you 100 vh on each breaking point. If anyone has had this problem and willing to guide me threw this problem I will greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

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Whoa! Super cool interactions, with a very unique design. Love it!!

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