My First Website with Webflow

I have completed my first website created in Webflow and would appreciate any feedback. (I have noticed a few problems when viewed on various mobile devices that I will need to try and fix but that will be for a post in a related category.)

You can see it here:

Thanks for your input.

Good start.

But, I would change the hero image. The imagery conflicts with the message. That man is clearly not building a website, but he does look passionate at what he is doing.

can you add a published link? can’t view HTTPS links from work :blush:

from what i see the typography doesn’t fit too well with the photo
the W blends with the curtains. can’t really say much without seeing the full site :smile:

i like the logo it’s very clean.

Sure Mordi,
You can see it here:

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beautiful work :smile:
i would maybe make the icons smaller…

Your comment about the imagery was one that I was expecting to hear and you may be right, it might be best for me to change the image. I would love to hear what others think about this. I guess I am hoping that the quote- "Do not make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both, do not hesitate to make it beautiful” and the image of a man passionately working his craft would mesh with- Websites passionately crafted to be beautiful, useful and simply clear, but it might be stretching it too much. Thanks for your input.

Thanks Mordi,
I think I’ll play around with making the icons smaller and see if it looks better.


You were right about the icons. I shrank them by 15% and I believe it looks better. May I ask you for your opinion on PixelGeek’s comment and my response to it. How do you feel about the header image and the message? I really was hoping to get others opinion on this.

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Well i don’t think he is supposed to build a website, but if you want to put something that is very conceptual it has to be on the spot.

in this case i think it’s a bit to far i would try to find an image with something that is more connected to building websites… something less “free art” and more with grid, building blocks, maybe something with wood, straight lines, you get where i’m going… guys you can help out here with some ideas :smile: