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My First Webflow project

I recently redesigned my website using Webflow

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Very nice overall, the design is consistant across pages, it’s simle and it breathes, the site serves well its purpose.

One thing, for the sake of feedback, I like the section displaying “more” projects, but the icon leading to it has no meaning, is very (too much) discreet, has no incentive to be clicked (not even a hover state with a message) and is probably not placed at the best spot

The unfolded section at the end for more projects is perfect though. Not a bad idea to try to push it upper, but here it’s too discreet to be efficient really (:

Hey Vincent,

Thanks for the feedback I’ll be sure to incorporate your suggestion before launch.

Just on a side note I just wanna thank the guys @webflow for this product as a designer Webflow really allows for Creative’s to focus on the details of the there craft. So thanks and keep up the amazing work.

I plan to you use Webflow in my daily workflow.