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First Webflow site I got paid for! Feedback appreciated

I started web development last year and would have never thought I’d be delivering something like this by now.

Started off with the Avante template but spent a lot of time customizing it and making new components based on the ones offered. For instance “related products” sections are all CSS Grid.

Learned a lot of Webflow best practices based on the techniques used in the template and was not once frustrated throughout the process. Delightful and enriching experience!

Here it is:

Any comment is appreciated!


Hey @ktoo :wave:

What a great job you’ve done on that site and so glad to hear you weren’t frustrated with the process. :smiley:

You’ve managed to take a template, and keep it clean and easy to navigate and it doesn’t detract from the user experience. That’s a hard thing to do, as I always end up adding too much to my sites and they end up looking busy! :crazy_face:

I have to say, I really think the style of the site suits the industry you’ve designed for from the colour scheme to the logo (props if you’ve done that too).

I do like the initial site loader, I think my constructive points (from my own view) would be that it’s leaves you hanging little too long, especially when you may need to see it more than once. Users are impatient in this day and age!

The other that may be worth considering is making images and/or headers clickable, maybe wrap the content or image in a link block here so there is more than one way to click through. There are many sites that do this, so if you offer a familiar UX, your users will naturally use it.

This was recommended to me by another Webflow user and watching the analytics after I implemented it, the click through rates increased slightly.

Great job and I cannot wait to see what else you create with Webflow! :webflow_heart:

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Hi @ktoo! Welcome to Webflow and great job on your first website. It definitely looks better than my first one :slight_smile:

Here’s my feedback from a quick look:

  1. Your images look great, but they take a long time to load. Consider optimizing them for a smaller size and load time. Typically, I will upload a photo with the same dimensions that I am going to display it on my site. For other screens like tablet and mobile, Webflow automatically creates smaller versions of the image and displays the best one for the screen.

  2. On your contact form’s email input, consider changing the “name” field under input settings to be called “email” instead of “Home_page_Email” - Browsers will automatically fill in the info when a user clicks on it instead of the user having to put it in. Here is an example below:

  1. I agree with Mark from above that people are inpatient; consider making the opening logo animation a little quicker.

That’s all, great job!

PS - I really liked the coloring of the logos on hover. Was that done natively in Webflow?

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Nice site. To prevent ‘zooming’ on iPhone when you enter text into a form field change the font size to 16px. This helps