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My company site using webflow

Just totally thrilled with using webflow and was able to take my company website to another level without too much nonsense.
I used the wonderful contemplate template for a booster.
Just happy with just getting something up that can showcase our work in HD and keep it clean and simple.
The export feature worked perfectly!

Love to hear some creative ideas and feedback.

Hey thanks for sharing.

It looks like you’re doing some awesome work.

I took a look at the site on my phone and wasn’t sure what to do from the home page. Maybe a call to action would help people move past the opening slider.

When on the work page the top titles seem to be cut off. Also there isn’t a clear way to navigate through the site. Once I was in a particular category of work I was stuck there unless I went back to the home page.

From a business perspective I would set up your email with your domain. or something like that.

I don’t know what the on boarding process is like in your industry but giving a perspective client a call to action about what the next step is to working with you would be helpful.


Thanks Alex,
I’m having issues with the phone display. the main focus was to be for desktop and pad.
I am going to ass a proper email connection but that’s work in progress.