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First Site with Webflow

Bringing a few static sites over to Webflow to make them responsive. is the first. The design of this site converts like a champ so literally just copied the basics of the site we designed a year or two ago. Interested in feedback especially speed and performance.

NOTE: disabled for SEO reasons. Live site at

I have a very poor internet this week because our fiber broke, and the site loads quite quick… I can see some of the backgrounds load but I checked and they are 25ko so I thinks it’s more than ok.

Design wise, there’s a thing on every page that I don’t like a lot, the double bordered gray section just before the footer… would be nicer if the last section was blending into the footer, skipping the gray thing entirely. But that’s taste and it"s only mine (:

Thanks for the feedback and I’ll look at decreasing the height of that gray section.

Very Nice and clean, i like it a lot what i don’t like it’s on the “Current Students” section
"What We’ve Been Up To " slideshow, it would be much better if all the pictures had the same
exact size so the fading effect would be clean, when the larger picture goes into a smaller picture
(Example from picture 1 to picture 2) the bigger picture still shows in the back and suddenly dissapears
but if all pictures would be the same this sudden pop wouldn’t show.
Fades from picture #3 to 4 and 5 until #6 looks perfect, but picture #7 is bigger again and doesnt
look smooth. Other than that it looks perfect !

Thanks for the feedback. The photos were a little iffy quality wise to get to the point they are but maybe sizing the slider mask might help. I’ll give it a look.