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Latest Design on Webflow - Barber on a Bike

Wanted to share my latest site built with Webflow. Client is thrilled with it.

Feedback welcome as always :smile:


Hello @Chris_Reeves, thanks for sharing. I clicked on the link but it seems to lead to a 404 page. I think you mean:


Hi @Chris_Reeves, just one comment, when the site is resized, the red banner (which looks great btw) resizes until it gets to Phone Landscape view, then the banner disappears, and if you keep resizing, appears again in the phone portrait view.

You might check that.

Otherwise, I really think you have a done a good job, looks great from first glance… maybe others have some comment :smile:

dude! Great job! Super clean. That loader is perfect.

Keep up the great work =)


  • how about converting your icons to SVGs? That way they won’t look rasterized on hi-dpi screens (e.g. retina displays)
  • change your top header graphics as SVGs as well.
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Hi @PixelGeek

Thanks for the suggestions on SVGs. Whats the best way to do that? Just save them from Photoshop in that format?

@cyberdave Thanks for the feedback, I will look to change the landscape mobile images, may need another image to keep it in proportion, similar to how i achieved the portrait mobile and desktop (different images).

the graphics you have look like they are vector. So just use Illustrator to save them as SVGs =)

Im in love with the loader! Great Job!

Great job bro! Love the pinup fonts for titles and colors :smile: