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Chris Levingston - Site Done in Webflow

took countless hours with this but I wanted it to be clean. Its a site based off of a singer. I’m proud of this one. Learned a couple of things while making it. If you guys have any suggestions lay em down :smiley:


Ok first, I took a look at the site and clicked play and everything looks and sounds good :smile: very nice. I sort of started chilling with the music and hovered over the social icons, but there was no hover effect, so you might check that, or maybe your design does not call for that. But very nice and great tunes :smile:

You might additionally check some padding of your text elements on left and right when in tablet view downward, to give a little spacing to make things look a bit more even.


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Thank you Dave. Glad you like and I’ll do that!

Very nice Chris. You have reason to be proud :o)

Well my name is Devin but thank you!

You sure it’s not Chris ;o) sorry 'bout that!

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I absolutely love the first video clip for using font from GTA San Andreas ;D

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thanks you guys! really apreaciate it