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My new site just completed in Webflow

What a pleasure it’s been creating this site in Webflow… what a tool!!

Feedback always welcome!

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Very nice, big visual impact. The downside is it loaded for more than 20 seconds here, it’s very long.

Really lovely site @bryantay :smile: On the download time for the opening page load, you might check that your images are compressed and/or the correct dimensions for your target layout, that might be adding some page load. It is a very visually intensive site with lots of images and the tradeoff for that is a little slower initial load. Cheers, Dave

Very nice site with cool interactions on load. One question - what is the method for navigation menu affecting on scroll and working on ipad? That is what i need right at the moment :slight_smile: thank you!

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Much appreciated @vincent @cyberdave,

Regarding the load time… While the load time is a bit long, it’s not as much of a concern to me on this site. It is a very graphic intensive site and I’m hoping the payoff for waiting is worth it. However, with that said I’m sure there is room for optimizations… maybe ya’ll can help me with a couple questions on that topic:

  1. All the images are HiDPI so i’m assuming that these larger images are only being loaded when viewing on retina macs and iOS correct? One thing I’m not clear about is does Webflow load in a lower res version automatically when HiDPI images are not required?

  2. One of the largest hits i’m getting data-wise is in regards to how I’m handleing the mobile/phone media queries. I didn’t like how the lightbox looked on phones so i’m substituting in sliders for each portfolio item for portrait and landscape. I think it presents the work much better this way on phones BUT that’s a lot of extra data to load on desktop even though it’s not needed (i’m assuming all that still loads in even though you are just viewing on desktop??) Ideally I would have that mobile slider data ignored when viewing on desktop and visa-versa.

Along these lines, does anyone know what the best pixel dimensions are for mobile phone? currently all my slider images that are only seen on mobile phones are 644x460 Seems large but they are x2 for HiDPI.

On the desktop version, the large lightbox images are all 1840x1250… Does anyone know of an optimal dimensions for lightbox images? of i’m considering them being viewed on larger monitors.

Thanks for the comments.

Thanks @Evgeny_Troitsky,

To answer your question… I did a little slight-of-hand… The nav bar is set behind the first hero section using the Z index. I have the move and fade interaction set on the nav which is what you’re seeing on desktop. On tablet and mobile those interactions are ignored but you still get the illusion because as the top hero section scrolls up it reveals the nav bar that is hiding behind it.

Hope that helps.

Brian, stunning site! I love the clean layout and color palette. Very well done. And yes, Webflow is wonderful.

Hi @bryantay,

I am trying to accomplish this as well. I am able to get the nav bar set behind and give the illusion of an interaction as you said but how do you apply the nav bar show interaction without it effecting the mobile sizes? When I set this interaction it applies to all screen sizes and not just desktop. I’d appreciate if you could provide some details for this.

Thank you.

Hi again @bryantay,

Forget my last post. I got a bit confused but was able to accomplish this as you explained to @Evgeny_Troitsky.