Hows this looking?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share this site I’m working on for a client and would love some feedback to see how I’m doing and what could use some tweaking. I still gotta finish up some interactions, and I might need to adjust the structure a little bit, but any feedback is greatly appreciated.

@chrisnice Overall this is looking solid, after a quick glance over the homepage, the things that stand out to me are:

  • the colour palette is a little odd, the vast majority of elements and backgrounds are earth tone, beige and brown, then all of a sudden some tints of blue and khaki green appear.
  • I would be careful of placing too much text over imagery. Works ok for shortform, but anything longer than a sentence starts to fight with the image.
  • Some spacing is a little bit clumsy
  • Some icons and pictograms should be made into svgs rather than PNGs