A New Portfolio Site and A Better Me

Hey friends, so I had been struggling for a while with trying to get a look for my portfolio that I was satisfied with. So I decided to do something quite different from what I’d normally do, from font to color choices. After scrapping many sketches on my iPad and even more designs on Figma, I came up with a look I am satisfied with. It aligns with the type of work I want to do and hints at some of my goals :wink:

See the results : Chris Loggins Portfolio - Webflow


if you want to go there directly: Home - Chris Loggins

Thanks for viewing this post and I’d love to hear what you think.

p.s. I am particularly proud of the logo.


I like the style & typography and the overall simplicity.
Couple of things to fix:

You have a typo on that Real Estate page…
'Helping a Real Estate company get a long awaited online prescense."

Not sure if this is one of those American spelling scenarios but I feel it is spelt ‘presence’

In the ‘I want to talk about…’ section, can you make all those buttons exactly the same size so they all line up. When I look at it on my MacBook, WEBFLOW SERVICES has a larger height and in smaller responsive sizes, it only evens up when in the smallest width.



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@Doggo I appreciate the feedback, I didn’t initially catch that typo.

Hey Chris. Nice simple site with some very harmonious design choices. Spare but inviting. I like the color choice. The bio makes me want to work with you.

My two cents:
On my 15" laptop screen, the first headline at the top, “I craft websites…” seems to big. I have to actually move my head to read it. it’s ok on mobile, tho.
When I click on the menu for “Projects,” the headline, “Featured Products” is cut off, behind the header background. Same on mobile.
When I click on “Contact me” the headline “Trying to skip the…” is also cut off. Equally on mobile.
I also might suggest that the contact form is very large, both on desktop and mobile. It could be more user friendly if it took up less screen space so that the user would be able to see most of it in one glance. The message space is so big someone could be intimidated (next novel coming up) Since the space expands with the content, it could be much smaller. On mobile the whole form occupies more than 3 screens and the buttons are very large.
Finally the headline, “Trying to skip the exploring?”, isn’t totally clear to me. Perhaps something like, “If you like my style, let me know how I can help by filling out the contact form below.”

Feel free to pick and choose if anything I wrote clicks. Best of luck.

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@Ray_of_Light thanks for your input, I appreciate it. I’m making some adjustments now.

I missed this post initially - hopefully not too late to the party - I like to provide feedback on these sorts of things to help people out;

  • Firstly, responsiveness needs reviewing - I just checked the site on my iPhone X and got a very strange presentation. The text is really tiny and the button space is huge - really needs a good review. If you need to view on some actual devices then LambdaTest is something we use for this and thoroughly recommended.
  • I always expect external links to open in a new tab - not all your social icons do not do this. Twitter does, Dribbble does not, the Webflow icon actually goes to a 404; https://webflow.com/chrislogins
  • “Something Else” in the form extends to the second line and creates a bigger button which looks out of place. On a desktop at least, there’s definitely the room to have this on one line so I’d review this design element.
  • Projects and Contact link to an element on the home page but actually show the loading screen before doing so even while on the same page. I’d consider some overrides for the home page at least, and additionally some separate pages to handle the expectation of these being on a separate page (when not on the home page).
  • On the Services page, in this context ‘google’ should be capitalised to Google.
  • Maybe a cultural misunderstanding here, but ‘looking fresh stack of money’ is not a term I’ve heard nor really understand. Disregard as necessary, you know your target audience better than I.
  • I’d drop the ‘Future Professional Partner’ box - it doesn’t really tell me about what you do now, and is potentially a little presumptive/arrogant. As a customer, I want to know what you have right now, not maybe in the future. If you want to keep it then the Webflow icon needs to be updated because it’s a little blurry.

Hopefully this helps, feel free to reach out for any questions/advice.

@iratefox I thanks for your input, a lot of the display/font issues seems like you were reviewing the site as I was making edits to it. (I have a terrible habit of not publishing just to the staging link). I am currently fixing up the other things as you mentioned though.

Hey Chris,

Your site looks clean and pleasing to the eye.
And I see, you used WordPress in the past to create clients websites. Nice.