Finsweet Cookie consent cloneable : scroll on mobile

Hello there,

I’ve noticed that the first Finsweet Cookie consent cloneable is not working on mobile : we can’t scroll inside the modal.

I tried to scroll on Finsweet website : Version 1 - Finsweet Cookie Consent
And it’s also KO on mobile…

Do you know how to fix it ?

Thanks !

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, Anna. We are having the same issue. Even the Finsweet cookie consent link you provided doesn’t scroll on a mobile, so clearly broken at the core. If I find a solution I will post back…

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I’m having the same issue. Not scrolling on mobile.

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Same Issue here. Won’t scroll on mobile, anybody find a fix? If I find a work around I’ll post it here.

I fixed it. You have to make changes to two classes:

fs-cc-prefs_overlay set to Z Index: 0
fs-cc-prefs_form set to Z Index: 1


Alternatively, in the prefs_conponent, remove the scroll disable attribute, this has worked for us.

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Having re-raised this with Joe from Finsweet, they have fixed this. It will all be part of their app programme shortly, too, so wot keeping a look in with them…