Modal scroll bar not visible finsweet

Hello all,

I have a problem with the finsweet cookies solution. After click on parameters, I can’t scroll in the modal to see the content, and the page scroll behind. I have already try to hide all the content, but it still the same problem.

Here is the link :

Thanks for your help ^^

Hi @StudioMel You seem to have two Mouse click (tap) interactions on “fs-cc-prefs_trigger” within “fs-cc-prefs_component”.

Remove the interaction Mouse click (tap) - Preferences Popup [SHOW] 2.

Also you need to set the display mode to hidden for “fs-cc-prefs_component” class.

Hopefully this helps.

Hi @WisdomainUK

Thanks for your reply, I tried both, but the problem still there, the modal cutting the content and the scroll bar don’t appeared :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi @StudioMel
Have you added the finsweet code to site settings custom code head section?

<!-- Finsweet Cookie Consent -->
<script async src="" fs-cc-mode="opt-in"></script>

Hi @WisdomainUK

Yes i did add this code in the site settings. I had create a new page, with the cookies content, and the homepage content to see if something don’t allow the scroll in the modal, this is working but when I copy paste the code that I have on every pages in the page settings, it’s nots working. I think there is something in the code that blocks the scroll in the modal but I don’t know what, do you have any idea?

The smooth scroll code by Lenis is the guilty :smiley:
Do yo know if i can add something to make the scroll work in the modal ?

<script src=""></script>


const lenis = new Lenis({
  duration: 1.2,
  easing: (t) => Math.min(1, 1.001 - Math.pow(2, -10 * t)),
  direction: 'vertical',
  gestureDirection: 'vertical',
  smooth: true,
  mouseMultiplier: 1,
  smoothTouch: false,
  touchMultiplier: 2,
  infinite: false,

function raf(time) {



I find another code for smooth scroll and it works :slight_smile:

Hi @StudioMel

I’m glad you managed to find another code and got this to work.

Hello Studio Mel, i encountered the same problem and am using Lenis too. Could you please tell me what Alternative you used?

Thank you so much :blush:

@Charlene_Ma Hey Charlene,

Its super easy with Lenis actually. Just create a custom attribute data-lenis-prevent to the container you want to be able to scroll

And bam you are good to go.

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Hi Brian,

thank you so much :smiling_face: its worked perfectly :slight_smile: