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Filtering a Blog Category Listing On Click?

I’ve been trying to find a way to have have a blog category to be listed when a user clicks on the category name. Is there a way to do this?

I have a blog with 3-4 different categories. When the user clicks on “Blog” on the menu it opens a page where all categories are listed (nothing special). I want to add all category names as links on top of the CMS listing. Let’s say when the user clicks on Category A, I only want that category to be listed, where normal CMS listing is appeared. Is that possible?

It sounds like an easy feature which I had on my Wordpress site. But somehow I can’t figure out how to make it on Webflow. Maybe because I am a newbie, or maybe Webflow doesn’t support it? I don’t know really. Any help appreciated!

My WIP web site:


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Thank you @Siton_Systems!

I think I worded my needs badly. So I think, the link you shared doesn’t provide the thing I need. I need to have a “blog category filtering on click”. Is it possible to do on Webflow?

Let’s say;

Clicking on blog categories (in my case, I put some place holder text for now (WEDDING ● ENGAGEMENT ● EDITORIAL ● FAMILY ● TRAVEL, so those will be the link text) and those would bring the blog posts from the clicked category to be listed where ALL blog posts are listed

Let’s say;

If the user clicks on EDITORIAL, the posts with EDITORIAL category will be listed below with the same styling.

I hope that makes more sense.

Thank you for your time!