Creating Blog Category Dropdown that filters categories on page

Hey guys,

So, I am creating a blog hosting page to house all of my blog posts for my business. I am trying to create a dropdown menu of all the different types of blog categories (I think there are like, 6). I’m trying to have it when someone selects a category, the content on the page is filtered to only blogs that are tagged in that category.

I have a CMS set up that only includes the blog categories and that is where the text field in my dropdown list is sourcing the text from. I also have a separate blog post CMS created with the actual posts. Within the blog post CMS, there’s a section that attributes each post to a specific category.

I hope this makes sense!

Here is a link to my page for reference: Insights & News

Hey Klint, here’s the easiest way to do that;

  • Finish connecting your Blog items to your Category items
  • Drop a collection list on your page connected to Categories, list and sort the categories as you want. You can put that inside a dropdown menu if you want it as part of your site-wide nav.
  • Now use the Category collection page to list the blog posts. You can filter them so that only the ones for that Category will show. You can also add category-specific descriptions, hero image, etc.

It’s “filtering blogs by category” but the way Webflow is designed to.

If you’re wanting to display all of the blog articles on one page, and filter them dynamically, you can accomplish that with some client-side scripting. Look at Finsweet’s filtering libray.

Hi @klintbrown32 you can easily do it with CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes.

Let me know if you need any help :wink:

Eve Kayser

I dont understand how to use it :frowning:
I already copied the code in the head of the page, and to the Collection List I added the custom attributes. What else should I do?

Hi @Valeria10 could you share your read-only link please? I’ll help sending some instructions :wink: