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Dynamic Filter Blog Posts in Category Collection Page


I am trying to make a Blog site for a client. The way I am structuring it is:

  1. First Level: Category - on which I will define the category of Blog Posts
  2. Second Level: Blog Posts: linked to the Category using a Reference field

Now, Webflow created 2 Collection Pages: Category and Blog Post. The logical step for me was to create a Category Collection Page, design it and include a Blog Post Collection on which I would display all Category posts related to that Category. But when trying to filter the Collection Items, there’s no way to make it Dynamically.

Any ideas on how to dynamically filter the collection items to display only the ones that match the Category on the Page?


So the category page doesn’t need to be used for your sorting list. Just make any page and drag in a dynamic list with your blog pots and choose a filter by any category you like. The category page is more of an index of all the categories but I rarely actually use that template page honestly.

Very simple.

  1. Select the Collection List Wrapper (or Collection List) in your Category Template Page.
  2. Go to setting TAB.
  3. Filters +
  4. Select Category (name) | equals | Current Category.

This will only display blog content associated with the reference Category page selected. Easy.

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