Fill multiple tables with one form

I`d like to connect Airtable to Webflow and send data to multiple tables in an Airtable base with one form in Webflow. Is that possible without using third party software? Can it be done with Logic?

Hey @finnroen
I’d recommend using Zapier. it’s one of the more expensive options but definitely the easiest one to integrate. You could then create a Zap which would use data from one form to populate 3 tables in Airtable.

I think there are quite good tutorials online for using Zapier. The one from McKenzie Child is pretty good (even though it also explains Memberstack it covers Zapier → Airtable)

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If you are looking for an affordable option, we developed an open source alternative to Zapier called Activepieces. If you join our Discord we’ll be able to help you achieve your goal!