Send form data to AirTable without Zapier

Has anyone figured out a way to send form data directly to Airtable without having to go through Zapier, or any other 3rd party?

Zapier is starting to get expensive and all I use it for is sending form data. It just seems like it should make sense to not have to go through a 3rd party…

Lastly; does anyone know if this will be a feature with Webflow Logic?

Yes! You can use webhooks to send Webflow form data directly to Airtable.

The first half of this guide walks through how to do this: How to (Instantly) Send Webflow Form Submissions to the CMS

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If I have multiple forms on my site, will it work? Or will it pull from the data in all forms?

For example: I have a couple different bases, so would I need to bring them all into one base?

Currently you’ll have to go through a 3rd party. No way around it.

Not sure what “Logic” will provide when that comes out, but… if the issue you’re having with Zapier is price (most common) then switch over to They have an ample free tier, a substantial $9/mo paid plan, and can do more than Zapier allows.


It does trigger on any form submission:

I’m not sure if there’s a good way to filter out form submission on the Webflow side. You could of course filter on the Airtable side, but idk if that breaks your desired setup.

@Keithen actually, my last reply was wrong!

I investigated a bit more and turns out Airtable just released an Alpha version of Webhooks which allow you to submit a form directly from Webflow into Airtable without using a Glue Service like Make/Integromat or Zapier.

Here’s a quick overview:

Create a new Webflow project and add a form.

Go to your project settings page and choose the integrations tab. Scroll down to the bottom of this tab.

Tap the Add Webhooks button, choose the Form Submission type, and add your Airtable Webhook URL.

Where do you get your Airtable Webhook URL?

Create a new Airtable Base. Add a Name and Email column. Then tap on the Automations tab.

Choose the “When webhook received” trigger, open it and copy the Webhook URL that they give you. Paste this into the Webflow Form Submission Webhook.

Now whenever you submit a native Webflow form it’ll go to Airtable, directly :scream:

Go back to Webflow and Publish then fill out the form and submit it.

Go back to Airtable and Test this trigger.

You should see the data you just submitted.

Choose the Create record action.

Then configure it to map the form fields submitted from Webflow into the columns in your Airtable Base.

Finish the setup then…

Submit your form from the live site.

:boom: Bam!

No glue service.

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