Can I link webflow forms to another site

I have a design for a client and will contain about 4 custom forms for new patients but the client may host the website on somewhere else other than webflow in the future and that will not include the form ofc so I was wondering is there any way to create a custom form but link the data to somewhere else other than webflow like airtable, mailchimp , etc in case we extracted the code the form will still works and allow submissions

Yes, this is doable.

Here is a screencast walking through how to do this with Make (Integromat):

Here is a screencast walking through how to do this with Zapier while also storing the form submission (if you like) into the Webflow CMS:

The approaches are basically the same, add the URL you’d like to submit your form to within the forms “action” field found in the Webflow Designer for any form block element.

When you export your site, those settings remain and everything will continue to work as it normally does.

Even with Webflow-hosted sites, we prefer Basin’s forms handler. It’s far better at spam, has better looking notifications, and no unsubscribe link problems.

Plus, if you want to use Webflow’s in-built form-submit success and failure messages, SA5 has a handler specifically for Basin.

Having more options is always better when making a choice, but there are a lot of negatives to using Basin as a solution in this specific example.

That said, and generally speaking, Basin is a GREAT low cost service. But it’s a tool to use for a specific need, and that’s when it flex’s it’s super power.

Here are a few points to consider…


This may not be an issue, and even though it’s getting called out the costs are laughably small, but they do exist, and some clients are hyper price sensitive.

With 4 custom forms using Basin you’ll most likely need to pay for the standard account level which is $12/mo (again trivial costs).

If you then want your data added to other services:

“…create a custom form but link the data to somewhere else other than webflow like airtable, mailchimp , etc”

Basin has a Zapier integration, but to do anything “real” with Zapier you need the $29/mo account.

Now you’re up to a $41/mo cost for those 2 services.

Alternatively you could use a free Make (Integromat) as they have a Basin module, and free Make accounts give you almost all functionality with ample usage that then only costs you about $10/mo for a very hefty upgrade.

Basin + Make reduces your costs considerably.

But if you do use Zapier or Make, why inject Basin in the middle?


If you want to use a more specific, and full featured email marketing service (Mailchimp) or store data externally (Airtable) you’ll need to go through Basin first, then out to Zapier / Make, and then out to these external services.

Webflow Form → Basin → Zapier / Make → Airtable / Mailchimp

This adds additional failures, complexities, and costs into your workflow versus going directly with Zapier / Make on a native Webflow form submission.

That’s not always bad.

If the client has the budget you now have the opportunity to present a monthly maintenance fee (if you run your business this way).

That all said, Zapier & Make have an easy way to “just get started”. By using Zapier’s built-in email service, or connecting Make to your current email account you can quickly pop off emails.

Webflow Form → Zapier

Webflow Form → Make → Your Email Account


If spam becomes a problem, and it’s not a problem until it is one, then Webflow does have some built in spam protections used when submitting forms. Is it as good as other services? If I’m being honest, no. It has its problems.

Basin’s spam protection is much more mature and the added costs of $12/mo for it (and possibly $41/mo if you add Zapier) is an easy way to buy yourself out of that problem.

That said, there are other approaches to combating spam if that is now, or becomes a future problem, and you can add those at anytime.


More food for thought as there is no “one right answer” to your question. Only an array of options that allow you to choose the one that works best for you.

Good luck!