Allowing Users to create Dynamic Charts from their own CSV Upload

I’d like to create a way for my customers to upload data via a CSV or excel file and then auto-generate dynamic tables and charts based on the data that they upload. Can someone point me to some resources or third party apps? Thank you!

Hello @Kevin_Wang1,

That is totally doable, you will need maybe one or two external apps though. Like maybe Airtable and Zappier. The way it works is as follows, your user fills out a form on your website, that input goes to Airtable via Zapier, Airtable organizes the data the way you want then sends the information to a collection list in your webflow site, again via Zapier, and then the collection list gets posted the way you designed it on Webflow. It sounds more complicated that it actually is. This video might help you understand better I hope this helps.

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Amazing. Thank you so much.

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