Ability to have more than 20 collections in site/30 fields in a Collection

I know this probably won’t happen very often, but I have one collection that is running into the 30 limit and I’m doing everything I can to keep it South of that.

Of course, ideal solution would be to have unlimited fields, next best would be to have more than 30. 50 or so sounds like a nice round number.

Second suggestion would be to have an indication of how many fields you have left to add to a collection. “15/30 fields” or something. Or an dialogue that shows up when you exceed 30 would be nice. I wasn’t aware of the limit and had spent a while adding around 50 fields, only to find out that it wouldn’t work when I tried to save.

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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What sort of collection are you building that needs 30 fields? You’re likely better off finding other ways of structuring your data

TomJohn, i find that I’m running into this same issue. We’re using Webflow to build a quick prototype of an app that is turning out to be rather data intensive (~40 fields).

Few ideas to explore with the powers to be:

Is it possible to connect a dynamic list to an external data source like Google Docs for example?

Is it possible to leverage 2 or more collections and relate them to one another? Does webflow allow a dynamic list or a dynamic field to retrieve nested data 1-2 level deep?

Can we beg the Webflow product team to lift this field limit sanction? What’s your favorite beer product team!? :smile:


@brryant you ask for example.
i am building a trailer selling website.
the specifications like
year, weigt, wheels, inside measures, outside measures
, Options, Type, Type of trailer and so on is 15 fields.

i need to place 16 photos!!!
normally i would place 1 photo and the image generator generate the thumbs.

Webflow does not have a image generator.
So i want to place 16 thumbs, and 16 large images.
now i can only place 12 normal images…
and the loading is too long.


Thanks for reading!

Hey @Koen, this can work but you should rethink how to structure your data.

What If you used a multi-reference to your images? You are limiting your collection by adding ‘X Amount’ of picture fields to each trailer.

In databases -
A reference field would be a 1 to 1 relationship
A multi-reference field would be a 1 to many (fields) relationship

On the note of an image generator, that is a good idea - I have updated my wishlist :smile:

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Man o man… You put me to the limit as designer!!!
i really have to think how i do this…

Is everybody doing this like you propose? (with a lot of images?

Many many thanks!

Looks like the proper way to design this collection is by creating another collection called “Images” and using the multi item ref field

Thanks for answering Brryant!
I will do this for sure!

More than 20 collections yes please. also more than 10 collections per page please


Hello, Webflow team!

I’ve faced with the problem on modifying my current webflow site (CMS Collection Settings have limitation in the amount of fields that i could add – only 31).

I was inspired by your new cms embed code functionality and I decided that this is the opportunity for me to “evolve” my current little ecommerce webflow site from hardcoded one to cms based.
So I’ve started to create a data model for my Product collection.

Like any other ecommerce site, my Product collection should have such fields like:
Name, Thumbnail image, Short description, Full description, Product ID, Product-Handle, SKU, 14 other different product characteristics and Product Photos (different for Desktop-Tablet and Mobile – I need at least 14 photo fields for it).

So, as I wrote before, current CMS has the limitation in amount of fields, which blocks me from making a good ecommerce site.

Webflow team and community, help me to solve my problem, please.
Thanks a lot!

No, you don’t need that many fields. What you need is a gallery field, which has already been requested before.

If you have a justification, post in Ability to have more than 20 collections in site/30 fields in a Collection - Product feedback - Forum | Webflow instead so that the admin can keep track of the popularity of the request.

I agree with you !!!
I NEED to have much more collection than 20 in one page.

I am in the exact same situation - I’d need 50 too -

Hi Webflow,

I would LOOOOOOOOVE to get more than 30 fields. I keep having to re-edit my fields, drop them, or combine them in odd or new ways. If I could have 40 or even 50 I’d throw myself a party. Please make this a priority soon. Thanks!

I totally understand the benefit of having the 30 field limit, but having the ability to pay/request for more fields in a collection would be nice for pro users who require a lot of data per item.

I currently use the workaround and imho it just doesn’t make sense for professionals/edge cases.

e.g. https://www.royaltyexoticcars.com/cars/2015-ferrari-458-italia-convertible-yellow


Exactly. If there must be limits, I like the idea of being able to pay/request for more as needed – on one particular project for example I need more than 20 dynamic lists on one page (I don’t think I have a structure design issue (post) – I need more like 30).

The workarounds have just put an unfortunate limit on what my client can achieve with webflow’s CMS – worse still, I didn’t know the limits existed prior to suggesting webflow to them and getting deep into the build. I think I’d take buying my way out of the situation by requesting more lists than rebuilding in another CMS.