Feedback: Website design and animations

Hi everyone:

I have made this website for a client that I’m working with.

Can anybody comment on the design itself and the animations used please?


Thank you!


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Nice job! The only things I would change is bolden the font in the navbar. Aliasing is making it hard to read. I’d also get rid of the black glow around the fonts in the hero and instead add an overlay gradient over the background video of some level of black or gray to make the text easier to read if needed. I’d also do the same for the FILOSOFÍA section. Other than that, it’s pretty good!

Great advice! Thanks @DFink

If you want to have a quick look of those changes they’re already done.

Great site! I especially love the background video & the images. The images really complement the the text. I would however use less scroll interactions. I’m not saying i don’t like the animations but a little less would look better i think. :smiley:

This is a useful thread that PixelGeek made that helped me a lot:

But overall i think the site is great!


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Thank you very much! @DharmaNode Those kind of tips and advice are the ones that you don’t find easily, thanks for taking the time to do it and look at the site.


Wow! That is quite amazing. I had the same first impression as @DharmaNode though. Less is more. Maybe if you alternated the animations to every other section that would give the user a little more breathing room without feeling bombarded with animation from top to bottom.

Again, I like the animations and the fact that they are varied an not repetitive is excellent. But it may be even more effective to tone some of them down slightly or have some non-animated sections in-between. For instance, the Misión and Visión section could be non-animated and possibly the VALORES section as well.

That way the key animations will shine!

Great work, Aaron!


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Thanks @JFly I will definitely take that into consideration! It’s great having some feedback from the experts!