Feedback: Prototype website design

Hi everyone,

I recently made a website about a ‘youtuber’ that i really admire.

It’s not a 100% done yet as i still want to add a few things but i’d love to receive feedback on what i can do better in terms of design & how the website is built.





I LOVE IT!! But you already knew that from this morning’s workshop :wink:

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Wow! I really like that site. Can you share with us how did you manage to apply blur your images?

Thank you very much, and keep up the good work.


Just a typo: Video’s should be Videos with no apostrophe. I also would love to see the guys face as a fixed background but blurred out as you scroll when the box with the sections moves up instead of the white background behind it.

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Its not a blur effect with css, its a copy of the image with 20% blur added to it in photoshop from what I can tell. Google dev tools are your friend :smile:


Yep haha. Pretty simple to do actually! Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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Dead nice! Love the transition of the fixed image from normal to blurred and I really like the hover state on your instagram images, interesting and unexpected.

A couple of small things could be improved in terms of graphics that would give it that extra edge. I think you don’t need the drop shadow on “Film maker, Entrepreneur, Youtuber” - it would be cleaner without it and still readable on the blurred image. Also, maybe have a quick play with some font combinations, there are some awesome pairs you can get with Google Fonts (free!!) that really give a website some oomph. Best resources: and (courtesy of WF user @tim )

Well done with the site, it looks class and I’m also a big fan of Casey!



Thanks! The text without the drop shadow is better indeed! Thanks for the links for the fonts!

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Cool site! Looks good :smile:
How did you integrate the social feeds from Twitter and YouTube?

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Thanks @kasperkazzual !

The social feed doesn’t update. It’s just static. Still need to figure that out haha :smiley:

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Nice work! Besides the video’s typo, Filmmaker is one word.

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Some very nice effects in here I’ve barely seen before. Well done with the blur effects!

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Thanks for the amazing feedback everyone!

I really love this site! Great job!

EDIT TO ADD : Sorry never mind. I had not set one of my image backgrounds to fixed. Could have sworn I had done that with both!

Very nice site, well done!

Would be interested in knowing how you created the section where you have the image that is normal and then as you scroll down through the section it becomes blurred. I can see that it’s two separate images but just wondering how you make it scroll up blurred over the top of the normal image?

Best wishes,