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This is the progress of my site

Hello everyone,

This is is the progress of the site 100% made in webflow:

The site is in developer stage (25% complete), the responsive design is not ready yet. Only the Home page is working, the other pages are in development. Pls tell me what you think about it and giveme some feedback and ideas. Is better if you know spanish.

By the moment, site back, load the page and see what happend.


great start.

Just a couple of things though (and please note that this is just constructive criticism).

  • there is too much movement going on.
  • you have 2 slideshows happening “above the fold.”
  • You have too many elements crowded together.
  • Your logo is pulsing. why?
  • as i scroll down, even MORE movement is happening. This might be overkill.

When designing a website, don’t try to put as much as you can on a page. Try to put as LITTLE as you can while still selling your product.

Example: - such a clean and welcoming page. They sell so much with so little movement.

Example 2: - the page makes your want to scroll down and there is hardly any movement

I know that the new interaction tools are fun to play with, but with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t force users eyes to look at something. If you do, they’ll get scared and run away from your site. Instead, gently guide them through the story of your company and invite them to scroll down or click on your call-to-action.

Stop trying to sell your product. Instead, tell a story.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

Hi Jaime,
your site did remind me of the early Flash days. It actually made me giggle (in a good way) as it brought back memories. Animation can be subjective, but know that the trend as 2014 is simplicity, clean and non busy. Use your animations to guide the user. Responsively it just falls apart at the phone level. El aviso de PixelGreek es bueno. Las graficas y colores estan bien usadas. No se cual es la cantidad the usuarios de celulares en Chile pero vale la pena tenerlos en mente. Espero que esto sea de alluda. Saludos.

Thanks for the reply, you have the reason in most of points you tell… but what happen if a client want to sell various services or products in a country where the people aren’t on the way of trend of simplicity and telling stories? and the people dont want simplicity, but usability? think about it, all the sites can’t be stories, and i like the simplicity and usability, but u have to make websites for the likes of the client, not for me.

But still ure right i most of the aspects, im gonna retouch the site, even if my client dont like it.

Thanks :smiley:

yeah!! you right too… makes me remind flash sites!! (that’s bad…) but here in Chile the people like it alot! :frowning:

Im gonna un-saturate the site with less motions and bit more of simplicity, but… dont forget the usability, anyone here don’t remember this very important point… how you make a website usable and functionable with simplicity??

Thanks for your reply :smiley:

You ask your client what the story of their company is about and sell that. If you just want to sell all your services, then just sell what sets their company apart from all others.

Example: - not flashy. hardly any movement. clear call to action. They sell almost everything that your client is selling, yet makes a bigger statement in one, non-scrolling, page.

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standards do change according to where you live. Most people here won’t understand this concept , but south America has as slight different understanding of how technology is showcased. Keep in mind ultimately for your good is to keep the client happy. Make it work for what you need. Thats what the tools are there for.
Te lo comento porque soy Argentino y conozco eso.

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