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3D Interactions and Video BG

Hello Webflow!

I’d love to get some feedback on this design;

How do you like the overall usability?

Is it creative or confusing?

Thank you all!


I’m watching on my iPad and when I navigated to portfolio it felt like I couldn’t scrolling normally. Some JavaScript there interrupting?

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Looks great. I’d consider a bit more opacity on the container holding the text on the ‘que somos’ page but otherwise quite nice.

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Thanks guys…

@jorn; There’s no custom code but it could be one of two things; it won’t let you scroll when your finger is on top of the videos instead of the background and/or it doesn’t scroll as smoothly because the content is inside of a div with auto scroll instead of being directly inside the body… I’ll look into it anyway, thanks for the tip…

@efburke; duly noted, thanks for your input!

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Nice site! Although I would get rid of the scroll feature because it confuses me if I am at the end of the page or not. And there are to many things that interfere with the scroll making the UX awful on an iPhone. But overall. Great job! :wink::grinning::blush::+1:

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