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Feedback: Upload up to 25 images at once with the new multi-image field

We’ve just released a multi-image field that makes it a lot easier to create dynamic galleries. Have thoughts or feedback? Drop them in this feedback thread.

See the full update below!



Captions: great suggestion. We’re listening! For now, enjoy Webflow’s new gallery capabilities!



Thank you very very much people of Webflow! It’s an absolute treat!

Some feedback

  1. Can we see image size data and dimension data (i.e. 200kb - 1000px x 1000px) under each image? And can we also see this data in the regular image field (just the dimensions missing there)?
  2. Can it be made easier to delete / edit the alt - it’s curretly 2 clicks - can it be made to just a single click. Maybe two separate small icons on each image? Perhaps alt and click the icon to delete?
  3. Will it be possible to include captions also for each image? This would probably be separate to the alt attribute.

Some more questions / additions to the feedback @gaby_izarra :

  1. I just ran a test and image optimisation doesn’t seem to be enabled. Will there be image optimisation on Multi-Image fields down the line? Without it, thumbnail images will cause pages to become bloated and slow loading - a few MBs in size - depending on the number and quality of images in the gallery.

  2. Also, normally, image optimisation only works when the image is used as an image and not as a background image. Again, users will probably want to use images in the multi-image field as background images for lightboxes so that they can keep ratios consistent - i.e. square crop. I know in the original responsive image blog post from September 2016 it mentioned “a future iteration”. Is this in the pipeline or has it been shelved?

Finally, this feedback topic isn’t being shown in the regular forum so I don’t think many users are seeing it. If you open in an incognito browser, you will see that this post does not appear even though it is the latest post. Perhaps this is expected behaviour but it’s strange to me as I feel the main forum should show all posts.


In addition, this topic should be under feedback - and not official announcements.

I concur.
Mod Edit: Moved to feedback.


Would love to see the ability to link photos from Cloudinary.

Edit: I believe this post is too vague. The reason Cloudinary is so powerful is that you do not have to have multiple sizes as you can tweak the size that is fed right in the url.
Also it’s all they do so they have great ways to catalog and sort your images and video.
The big reason for a company like Webflow to allow this and make it easy is that now all these large files are hosted somewhere else thus saving you a shit ton of money.

Second Edit: I figured out how to add an outside resource but I think Webflow could make this easier. Add an HTML embed and then add an < image src="[link here]"> (don’t use square brackets) coming from an external link. Again, I think if Webflow integrated this to make it easier to implement they could save a ton of money on storage. With Cloudinary I can add a simple directive to the url and they serve the proper size according to the browser size. Not only does this up speed your site but makes it easier to adjust. You can crop, filter and all different kind of stuff on the fly.

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Captions yes please Webflow Team


Wahay, we’ve been waiting for this one!

A few little suggestions - I’m thinking & typing so apologies for any overlap.

  1. Furthering the previous suggestion, it would be good to have three fields for each uploaded image (Possibly “name”, “date” & “caption”). As a photographer this would provide huge flexibility.

  2. It would be good to see the image number in the multi image field for concise sorting & also for later use in filtering / limit items (as below).

  3. It doesn’t appear as though we have the “filters”, “sort order”, “paginate items” or “limit items” in the Multi Image collection list. This addition would make it so easy to create complex layouts & also open up the option to use the images in custom galleries.

  4. Is there a future possibility to use at the very least, the first image from the multi image field on other pages? Or even better, could we use a full multi image field on any page (possibly if it’s nested inside an actual collection list?)

  5. Following on from points 3 & 4, is there plans to make an independent component for the multi image field? It would make a lot more sense from a users point of view.

Fingers crossed the above makes sense


Add responsive image handling to multi-image images. That would keep clients from blowing up pages on mobile and me from telling them “Don’t Do That!”

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The instructions provided in do not work. So… I haven’t found a way to use this yet.

@fatpuppy could you tell us where you’re getting stuck?


  1. It says “Add a lightbox component in the Collection List”. This is not possible. You have to add a separate lightbox to each Collection Item, which surely defeats the purpose.
  2. Everything under the heading “Filter a Collection List using a Multi-image Field.” When I connect a collection list to a multi-image field, the settings do not provide any way to filter or sort (or if there is a way, it’s not located where it is for all other collection lists).

for 1. That is odd, you do need to add a lightbox component but they should automatically be added to each collection item.
You do need to make sure you add the multi image field to the collection you want the images to show up in. So if you’ve got a blog post collection, the multi-image field has to be added to the blog collection to be able to be bound to the collection list. It’s kinda confusing at the moment, isn’t it?
2. it seems filtering is limited to ‘is multi-image field set’ or ‘not set’ for now.

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Great new feature. Captions would be needed.

I would need them right now… Anybody has an html embed to show the “alt” text right next to a “multiple image” the image?


It did not seem obvious to me that the ONLY way to get multi-image selectable in the drop down is to do so on the Template page only. Wasted a few hours on that one.

Secondly, I am confused how the multi-image works with multiple products on the same page. Let’s say for instance I want to make a gallery. That gallery is split into sections i.e.

• Planes
• Trains
• Automobiles

each of these have a their own main image, on the same page, with their own multi images associated.

I display those three thumbnails and when I click on one of those main image thumbnails I want to corresponding multi-images to pop up.

This doesn’t work how I imagine it to work.

All I can deduce is that I have to have a non-template page with the three main sections which link to the template page showing all the multi-images.

I hope that makes sense?

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this is great but really need captions


Thanks for your responses @Diarmuid_Sexton !

For 1 -3: we hear you. We definitely acknowledge that there are ways we can improve the multi-image feature. Over the new few months, we’ll be defining our future roadmap and figuring out exactly what we want to work on next. :slight_smile:

For 4-5; I think @kkilat can help answer some of your questions around image optimization.