Multiple / Bulk image upload to CMS

Hi there,

I think this feature is quite self explanatory and very necessary. It would probably have to be some new CMS collection field - maybe “gallery”. It would be a dynamic list within a collection item - kind of like multi-reference - except where one could upload multiple images/files. It would allow users to add to use this new “gallery” dynamic list to create lightbox galleries or slide shows using the existing elements. It would also be cool to have the option to toggle caption and img alts on or off.

The user would simply upload all the images into this “gallery” field using the file explore/drop them in. These would all then be listed vertically in the collection item with a 2 text boxes to the right - 1 for the caption, one for the img alt.

At the moment, if a client wants to upload a images to a CMS item (i.e. gallery) they have to upload each image individually. I feel like having this feature would open up so many new opportunities to Web-flowers!

Can any webflow staff shed any light on this feature? As with a few other features, it seems like a really obvious feature. Is something like this on the road map?


Throwing my support behind this feature request.

There’s a pretty great workaround for building a dynamic slider (which aren’t usually too big) but there’s no great workaround for a Gallery, especially one that a client can easily add to. Current workarounds require images to be uploaded one at a time. A dynamic field that allows (drag and drop) multiple images to be uploaded would round out that offering nicely.

Craft (and similar CMS’) have great solutions for it, if inspiration is needed. :wink:

Yes! absolutely needed - if it’s not for us, it’s a must for clients.