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Feedback: Nest collection lists to display any referenced content

Excited about the launch of nested collections?

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Fantastic !!! will dig in to it NOW.

Love it, now i can start to remove single reference field i was using before to be able to show relevant information. I have been working with db’s for many years and this was the missing link in Webflow. Thanks…

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Wonderful stuff, I can finally add categories to my posts!

But you can’t add the lists inside link block, which is a shame if you’re running card like posts or something like that? Any reason why it’s like that? Is it intended?

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Great news - does this mean that we will be able to add multi image fields into collection lists in the coming weeks as per:

"Why can’t I show Multi-image Field data in a Collection List connected to the Collection?

At the moment, you can show Multi-image Field values only on a Collection page, and not within a Collection List. Support for nested Collection lists is planned. Vote for and subscribe to status updates of this feature request."

I’ve tested but the functionality doesn’t appear to be there at the moment.


@deep-image - You can use a multi-image field as the nested collection right now but with a 5 item limit its usefulness for this use case is questionable.

Hmmm. I’m sure we could find a workaround to the 5 item limit for the time being - but for some reason the Get Image dropdown comes up with ‘none’ when we’re testing at our end.

I’ve double checked and each multi-image field has content assigned & everything is published (even limited to 5 items just in case that was throwing an error).

fyi. I’m trying this out on our homepage.



Send a share link to the project?

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

I’m excited about the nested collections too - something I’ve been trying countless workarounds for a while.

I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t the possibility of adding multiple nested collection lists to a page though - any idea why that is? Or if this will be possible in the future?


It’s on a road map, performance optimization is why 1 for now…

Gotcha. Any workaround (or reason?) for the 5-item limit? I’m using this as a way to nest documents in subfolders, but some subfolders have more than 5 cms items in them…

@Fonsume - you have been super helpful in the past - hoping you can help me out with this Q.

Here’s a link to my design and folder structure set up:

Current set up:

  • main CMS collection which has the folder and sub folder info with reference fields to pull the docs from
  • nested collection list which contains the documents within the sub-folders.

Any idea on how I’d be able to pull from the nested collection list for each sub folder? Currently, I’m only able to reference one of them.

Thanks for any info/tips/help!

Hm, I’m not sure how I would do that, or if it’s possible with the folder structure and site layout you have there with the opening folders.

Thanks for sharing nice news…

I’m building a portfolio site where I want to have product lines, then a subcategory, then images within that category, then I wanted to show icons for how that product is manufactured (laser cutting, printing, etc). I built this in CMS as a series of multi-references, but discovered that while the page represents the product line, and then I can display the sub-categories, and within that, the images, I couldn’t do the manufacturing methods. I have used the workaround of having toggles for each method and using conditional display, but I already have 10 options and fear that’s going to consume all my available fields. I realize that I can use multi-image for images alone, but want to associate them with a description and the manufacturing methods. I didn’t realize we were also limited on quantity of results from the multi-reference, hopefully I don’t run into that in the near future. From my DB days, I know that joins can be resource intensive, but with good indexing, it’s fine. Since our links can be numerical, I would think this shouldn’t be a problem.

Why not put alle the manufacturing options in an options field and use conditional visibility based on that?


I tried that, it didn’t seem to allow me to select more than one option…

Oh I see. What about making a new collection list with the manufacturing options as items in it, then using a multi-reference field in the main list - and then using conditional visibility based on the referenced stuff? That should work.

The main list is just a sub-section. So like “paper invitations” but each picture represents a different invitation that might have used different printing process, of foil stamping, or laser cutting, etc. That’s where I want to apply the reference to those methods. Here is a screenshot of a rough layout.

Yeah, you could do that with the way I described.

Make two collections, one with the manufacturing ways, one with the actual products.

In the manufacturing ways list, add the different ways of manufacturing as items.

In the products collection, have the product lines (paper, acrylic, etc) as categories using the Option field and use a multi-reference field to pick one or more of the manufacturing ways.

In the collection list out on the site, add all the tiny icons of the manufacturing ways in the collection items, then use conditional visibility on them (“show” when “manufacturing way” = “XYZ”).

I think the same too… in Fact, I have already that issue in a current project and i’m getting crazy because of this. I hope the Webflow team fix this asap.