Feedback: Feedback: Create lightbox galleries with your CMS and Ecommerce photos and videos

Thoughts or comments on our new dynamic lightbox feature? Post here. :slight_smile:

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ooh, I’ve been using this new feature for a while. It’ll be way more useful once we’ve got multi-image fields. At the moment this means using several image fields.
Oh and getting a way to dynamically add alt text without another collection field. At the moment, I’ve got a field for each image as well as a field for each alt tag.
Would be nice to see lightboxes for images in the RTE as well.

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Any word on when captions will be coming to CMS lightboxes? It would also be useful to have the field that links lightboxes pull from the CMS :slight_smile:


This is great!
I just joined Webflow community a few months ago and was already designing a site using CMS driven Lightbox without realising it was a brand new feature.

I’m using webflow to create a website for an architectural company and they have anywhere from 2 to 20+ images per project so I’m really looking forward to the multi-image CMS field.

It would be awesome though if it would work with sliders, too.
+1 for the ability to insert captions and/or alt text.

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My client would love to add/delete/change lightbox pictures via the editor mode – is this feature also planned in the near future?

Does this finally fix the issue with rotating devices with a lightbox and the image getting out of place?? This was only remedied by a full page refresh… and YAY for this feature! I will continue to pray for a swift release of multi image!!! :smile::smile::smile::smile:

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Is anyone else receiving a CORB error from light-boxed youtube videos?

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Thanks for the new feature, do you know if in the future we would be able to actually custom the lightbox? (working on the background colour, opacity, spacing and scales, design bits, interactions)

I second this ability to be able to customize the Lightbox more! Pretty pretty please webflow! Also… it was so nice to have the issue fixed with rotating the screens finally… but there is also another bug that has been bothering me when viewing the gallery via mobile device:

The Lightbox Thumbnails go crazy and it makes not sense where the user is in the gallery:

To me it would make more sense to darken all the images and have the one that is highlighted the one that is 100% opacity. Right now it is the opposite of what I described. Feels unintuitive to me.

Yes! I’m seeing the CORB error with Microsoft Streams videos. Did you ever find a solution?

Great stuff! Thank you all!

My question is:
Is there any way to do this so that hover and/or clicking on a thumbnail just swaps out the main, large feature image field with that respective image?
Not sure if I’m expressing this clearly. Pretty common on e-commerce sites. It’s basically what you’re showing on your sneak-peak video but it suppresses the popup and swaps the feature image instead. Does that make sense?

Let me attach a visual reference here:

Needless to say that it would have to work with CMS collection and e-commerce.

I’d be super thankful if someone could point me to an easy way on how to achieve that!