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Feedback on mock-design

Hi everyone, yesterday I decided to do a redesign of as I visit it a lot and have for some time thought it could use an update. This isn’t actually FOR them, it’s just me having fun seeing what I can do to revamp a design. However I would appreciate any feedback on the overall design and if there are any suggestions on what could possibly be improved.

Mockup Design:


  • I only designed this test for desktop
  • none of the links work as I only made the one page, I didn’t put all front page content in but just enough for design purposes.


Here are a could suggestions to make it better.

I would remove the gradient. Right now flat design is very influential. Try using flat design, it will make the design simpler and clean looking.

get rid of the borders. Once again going for the minimalistic flat look, those borders make the content look very heavy therefore I would recommend getting rid of them.

make the grey containers lighter. It feels very heavy with such a dark grey, it differentiates depending on what monitor you use but on a 4K retina display screen it is super dark and adds an unnecessary confusion, once again try to be minimalistic.

Hope this helps.

I can’t really reply on what i think of the layout and styling of the site since i have no knowledge of these websites and have never done any research to allow me to understand how these sites work and typically feel for a constant user of this site. So i would recommend asking a gamer (I assume this site is for gamers) about what he thinks of the site and see how easily he is able to navigate through it as well as understand any special placements layed out through the visual design.

from there i would judge yourself if you made a good site or not. :wink:

I think use webflow need some knowledge about CSS . Many button in webflow must be understand because are relative to CSS box model .In away it is wyswyg so view result can help avoid learn all the css properties/values . When change the widt hof the browser ; a horizontal scroll bar appear so it is not responsive . create a breakpoint and redesign …