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Portfolio feedback and suggestions

Hi all, I’m making usual updates to my portfolio again and adding new bits and pieces. There is more content to included but just thought I would see if I could get some feedback and suggestions from the community? I’m trying to keep it super simple and light weight. Any suggestions are a super welcome! Still has some fiddly bits to figure out on mobile apps as of right now. Cheers.

Mark Godwin Design

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I really like the flat design and your use of parallax. I would consider increasing the spacing in the text under the “Start” section. Also, I think the laptop mockup image could use a shadow with a gradient shadow, instead of a flat shadow. The current shadow that is displayed on the left hand side is sort of confusing to the eye without some type of gradient (to transparent).

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Thanks @jordanshotwell for the feedback. Yeah that laptop does need a little bit of work for sure, I guess seeing the phone and the laptop makes it even more confusing on how the eyes see it! The text I am trying to keep overlaid each colour section to make it look as though each section and its title is overlapped but I need to play around with it to get it to work.

Top banana :banana: for the tips! Much appreciated :slight_smile: