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Feedback/insights please

Hey guys,

My first foray into fully designing a site (I’ve built landing pages and editing existing WP templates in the past).

I’m getting ready to open my own marketing shop, and working on putting a site together. I am having trouble conceptualizing how to lay out the “services” - you’ll see what I mean when you click the link.

Any ideas on how to work the images (“branding”, “web design” etc…) in with some explanatory text?

Hi Mark,

Thanks to @nwdsha using the ‘bounceapp’ feedback tool the other day, very handy!

Here’s my thoughts in the link - mainly around consistency with regard to font sizes and settings - for me it needs a few decisions making to simplify the styles:

In terms of how you layout the ‘services’ sections - have a good think about what information you want to say or get across there, go the ‘content-first’ approach so you can plan how that is best conveyed. Will those boxes be ‘teasers’ linking to ‘more info’ pages about the services, or just the brief explainer?

The Webflow ‘showcase’ and templates are also a good place to get inspiration on layout.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


First of all, thank you SO much for your feedback… it’s much appreciated. I’ve edited many sites over the years, but this is my first time building one from scratch (besides GeoCities).

How do you think I should differentiate the “Let’s Talk” button from “Learn More,” as that is going to be my main CTA.

With regards to the services boxes - yes, eventually it will link to a fuller explanation. Though, I think I might just go with this landing page as an MVP.

Hi Mark,

No problem!

For me I think the ‘let’s talk’ in the centre is too early - as a new visitor i’ve only just arrived and read your first sentence, we’ve not built up trust or curiosity enough yet for me to commit to ask a question or hand over my email address.

Nelson has some thoughts on that during site feedback in a recent workshop at both 58:12 and 1hr 49 -

I would keep the ‘let’s talk’ in your menu top right and give it an initial button background colour of green - that way it is really clear and accessible about how to contact you, without trying to hook the visitor too early. Then I would make your main centered ‘let’s talk’ into a ‘learn more’ button.

For the most part, the nav menu stays at the top as you scroll so the option to contact you is nearly always visible but not intrusively so.

Another option you could look at is ‘live chat’ - there are a number of free and paid options out there, easily embedded into Webflow and whilst dormant this would give you a small tab or icon at for example bottom right, saying ‘let’s talk’ or ‘ask me anything’ or ‘contact me’. Again - easy to find and access, but not so immediate when you have just arrived at the site. I’ve used with no problems and it has a mobile app so you can handle live queries on the move. A quick search on the forum will bring you lots of other live chat options too.

Looks like there are a few changes since your first post, so a few final thoughts:

  1. I like the arrow prompting the scroll, it’s maybe a little fast and demanding, but you can change the speed, and even fade it a little - have a look at: - that is set on hover but shows a gentler movement. Also covers looping and page load.
  2. Just an idea, from your brand name and the wolf howl image, you could use ‘be seen. be heard’ somewhere?
  3. Running wolf on page load? Not for me personally, but just my opinion :wink:

Hope that’s useful, and a mixture of critique and encouragement :slightly_smiling_face:


Made a bunch of revisions… would love to hear your feedback

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