Creating events listing split by times

Hi, I’m just sense checking myself quickly whilst scoping a potential project. I will need to create a list of events within a conference and many of them will share the same timeslot. Something like this:

The thing that’s difficult I think is grouping events by the time, so that the time only has to be displayed once as it is in the left column here.

Crucially, I want the client to be able to create a new version of this on their own, without me manually doing anything new in the designer.

My current plan to hack it is:

  • Create a collection that has the event name, tags, times etc.
  • For the left column, insert a CMS list for every possible time in 5 minute increments, limit to one item and display only the time, conditionally set to not appear if there are no entries
  • For the right column, create another separate CMS list but display all the item details/tags etc.

This works. The only problem is that it seems completely nuts and manual since having so many separate lists means any updates will be a nightmare and will become even more complicated if I want to add any filters etc.

My understanding is that I need Webflow to implement wishlist item: nested collection lists in order to do this more easily, but am I missing something, does anyone know of an easier way to do this?

I created a rough example of what I mean on the share link below, where there are 3 possible times (14:00, 15:00, 16:00), but I purposefully have no entries under 15:00 so that I can hide it.

Another side issue that came up here is that I can’t use the ‘multi-reference’ field to show the tags and so would have to create multiple separate single reference collections for tags. Very confusing for the content manager. Again I think that wishlist item above would fix this.

Can’t decide whether to embrace this nightmare or turn down a lucrative contract.

Public share link

ouch… how many days? Are you going to hit collection list per page limits just to add to your joy?

Hi @joshuafry,

This looks to be a lot of work. Why not continue to use the Google layout and just import it?

But to do this in Webflow CMS you would have two collections:

  1. One with the different times, you wouldnt need every 5 min for say 8 hours. Just use the most common.
  2. another list with all the details: tags, name, links, etc.

Connect the two by way of multi-reference.

Once you create the initial layout, it is not very hard to build it out and add the additional event posts.
You could use Airtable here to keep track of it all and then also Zapier to connect the two. Not confusing, just have to build out the logic behind it.

Oh no, you’re right I didn’t realise that limit was there, that ruins this plan.

Thanks Brandon.

The Google layout was just meant as an example, I don’t have anything existing elsewhere to import.

I’m not sure I fully understand your solution. Would you have a multi-reference field in the time collection and then select all the events within that? This feels backwards for content creators, but even if I did that it isn’t possible for me to pull all the event items linked by the multi-reference field into the ‘times’ collection list. Maybe you mean something else?

Also the reason times for fully flexible time (including every 5 mins) is so that any event input can be entirely managed by a content editor… for different events, for which the plans are unknown or subject to change. I haven’t even addressed ‘days’ yet but this would be another layer.

I’ve not used airtable before and was hoping to just do this within Webflow rather than layering services as that is more complication for me and the client. If it was possible to nest collection lists all the content manager would have to do is enter items in a collection of events which seems like the logical way to think about it… but even if Webflow do implement that, maybe the collection list limit would still scupper my plans. Just seems like the Webflow CMS is fundamentally underpowered to make it suitable for this kind of task.

I get your meaning @joshuafry and at the moment Nested collections are not available now.

The CMS is very powerful, just have to have a true process to build it out. How many different times are you looking at?

Maybe if you could provide a layout of the actual event list or how you would like it to look and then I can help with a design layout for you. Airtable would just add more interconnectivity. The client would necessarily see the design layout, just what you direct them to do within the Editor itself.

Thank you @QA_Brandon. It’s very early days, I’m literally just scoping ahead of a first call with the client but I don’t want to promise any functionality that’s going to tie me in knots later.

I’ve been thinking it over and I might be too caught up on the examples I’ve seen. I think the most logical approach to take is to explain that my design would take some format whereby the time is listed against each item rather than as a header. This would save me a whole load of problems with the CMS!

I appreciate the offer for help and I’m intrigued by Airtable. I might reach out if the project goes ahead.

@joshuafry, sometimes writing out the process of what you intead to do can work better than reference examples. Try this approach and see what you come up with. I would stay away from small numbers and stick with whole numbers/times ex. 12:00, 12:10, 12:15, 12:20, 12:30, etc.

These would be indiviual collection items, not fields. You could then reference them within the event page. also use another collection for tags related to the event topics.

You are overthinking it. Break it down to its simplest form and then build it out from there.

But, yes reach out if you have any other questions?

Mmm again thanks I understand that but to be clear I don’t think it solves what I actually wanted. I am fine with it but I am coming up against a Webflow limitation and having to propose something that is a compromise. I don’t feel like this is the fault of my process, which I stand by and defend with my honour! :upside_down_face:

All the best @QA_Brandon :wink:

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